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Systems aren't the only thing necessary for compliance in most regulated industries. It's why we offer services like Temperature and Humidity Mapping, Validation, and System installation to you, and the reason our customers are turning to us for more than ever before.

Need a chamber mapped for your R&D lab? Done. Building a new manufacturing plant and need to ensure consistent conditions throughout? We can tell you everything you need to know. Have a piece of equipment you need to validate but don't have the time to make it so? Turn to us.

Add in our own in house calibration lab, and Dickson truly is a one stop shop for all of your compliance needs. Let us lead the way to help protect you during an unexpected audit.

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Pairing our A2LA accredited calibration laboratory with our service and product offerings is the best way to ensure that your Dickson instruments are calibrated properly. Whether you're monitoring at a single temperature or many, our devices will read accurately across the device's entire range.
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Leverage More than 90 Years of Experience

Dickson's devices have been monitoring temperature for almost a century. Now you can leverage that experience and our knowledgeable experts to help manage your compliance process from start to finish to avoid a dreaded 483 from FDA. 

We're Experts in More than Monitoring

Our manager of Mapping and Validation Services knows his ps and qs. He should, because he's been at it for a while. Before coming to Dickson, Antoine Nguyen spent more than 15 years in validation with companies that answer to FDA audit. Don't believe us? Then believe the words of his peers.

"Antoine is a valuable asset to any validation team. He effectively combines his validation, QA, and IT talent to deliver superior validation packages that stand up to FDA inspection." -Craig Wittman via LinkedIn

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Compliance Starts Here

Ongoing monitoring is a critical component to remaining aligned with FDA regulations, and our DicksonOne systems allow you to do just that. Compliance isn't met through monitoring alone though. It's an ongoing process that requires hard work and an investment of time and effort. With our variety of service offerings we can now help you ensure that you understand the environmental conditions of whatever it is you're monitoring, that your systems and machines are operating as intended, and the devices you own are set up efficiently and accurately.  

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Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping data is invaluable whether you're mapping cold storage, facilities, warehouses, or a single chamber. It can also be a daunting task on your to do list. We know, we’ve crossed it off a lot of them. 

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IQ. OQ. PQ. That's a lot of letters, and each one can be scary. Any misstep you take during qualification could lead you to a dreaded 483 from FDA. You don't want that and we don't want that for you. 

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We understand that you're busy and your time and money are better spent doing your job rather than setting up your new monitoring system. Our technicians can get you up and running smoothly in no time. 

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