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Hospital/Health Solutions

We've been monitoring every part of hospitals for a long time. From HVAC systems, to vaccine storage, we can help you find a correct temperature and temperature and humidity monitoring product, whatever your environment.

Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment Solutions

Use Dickson instruments to meet FDA guidelines for manufacturing medical devices in a clean and safe environment.

Food Solutions

Dickson monitoring devices help you produce and store food safely.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Drug manufacturing is a highly regulated and very sensitive process. We've designed a specific line of products just for this purpose.

Materials Solutions

Producing a variety of materials requires a wide range of monitoring equipment. Look to Dickson's full line of products to meet your needs.

Utility Solutions

From hundreds of acres in the country to a few city blocks, Dickson can serve your monitoring demands for municipalities large and small.

Transportation Solutions

Let Dickson assist you with proper storage at every stage of the supply chain, from your refrigerated truck to your temperature controlled warehouse.

Manufacturing Solutions

Use Dickson monitors in all your production facilities to ensure your products are created in safe, controlled environments.

Property Management
Property Management Solutions

Whether you own one property or many, Dickson lets you monitor HVAC, retail locations, and tenant comfort.

Construction Solutions

Monitoring your construction site's environment with Dickson instruments ensures building materials are stored and utilized properly and safely.

Aerospace Solutions

Dickson's instruments provide the precise monitoring necessary for your sensitive materials, storage, and production environments.

School Solutions

Choose Dickson products for your campus' monitoring of research labs, building efficiency, student comfort in dorms, and any other monitoring needs.

Printing/Packaging Solutions

Dickson can help you protect the papers, inks, and other expensive and high quality resources your customers demand.

Automotive Solutions

From the assembly line to the showroom Dickson provides the monitoring equipment necessary to produce and sell your inventory.