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Products dickson one

DicksonOne Standard

DicksonOne Data Loggers collect temperature and humidity data and automatically deliver it to the DicksonOne Cloud application, from there you can access your secure data from any internet connected device anywhere in the world. No more downloading data or changing charts - DicksonOne does all the work for you!

Products touchscreens


The touchscreen product family includes our full line of paperless and pen-less data loggers allow interaction with your data at the touch of a finger. The loggers feature everything an application may call for. From the alarm functionality to the high accuracy platinum RTD probe if your monitoring application calls for it we can cover it.

Products data loggers

Data Loggers

Data loggers are cost effective solutions for monitoring any required area. Our full line of data loggers come in many different shapes and sizes, and we've included all the important features such as: high resolution digital displays, audible and visual alarms, flash memory for easy downloading, and don’t forget that signature Dickson look.

Products chart recorders

Chart Recorders

Our chart recorders will depict your temperature, humidity, or pressure trends over time simply by creating visual chart. When paired with Authentic Dickson charts and pens you'll have a great way to keep track of that critical data over long periods of time as a physical record. Our chart recorders also come in many different sizes from as small as three inches for the tightest of areas, to the eight inch recorder that allows for the easiest data analysis.

Products indicators


These instruments are for immediate data feedback. From our vaccine alarm thermometer to the IR temp indicator, you can have a personal, portable, and effective data indicator. If you need simple features and instant data, check out these instruments.