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Cloud Based Temperature Monitoring Systems

Temperature Mapping

When every point matters, trust the compliance experts.
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How can Dickson help you?

Dickson helps organizations in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Healthcare, Food, Aerospace and other industries record environmental conditions for the purpose of asset protection and compliance with government regulations and guidelines. Dickson's monitoring system automatically collects data, sends excursion alerts, and emails reports for millions of dollars worth of assets around the world, resulting in a reduction in lost assets, increased consumer safety, and ultimately, peace of mind.

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Monitor your environment, from anywhere

Environmental 274

Environmental monitoring

Capture temperature and humidity data for all of your critical applications into a single, simplified hub.

Cloud data 275

Data at your fingertips

Access data wherever, whenever. Whether at home, in office, or on the road, your data is available from any web-connected device.

Secure 276

Secure and Infinite Storage

We'll store every data point and keep them safe and secure. Redundancy, security, and the ability to back it up is built right in. 

Track locations 277

Track Multiple Locations

Whether you're a small clinic with a single location or a Fortune 500 with hundreds around the world, we'll scale to your needs.

Services and support every step of the way

Let us help you meet your IQ, OQ and PQ needs

Need to prove out your processes to avoid a dreaded 483 and pass audits? Let Dickson's validation experts help with your installation, operational, and performance qualification needs.

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We can help you understand the nuances of your locations

Want to understand your facility better? Recently open a new warehouse? We can handle the mapping requirements of your structure so you know how to best work within it. 

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Your time is invaluable and you just want it to work right the first time

We understand that you're busy and your time and money are better spent doing your job rather than setting up your new monitoring system. Our technicians can get you up and running smoothly in no time. 

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Are you operating in a highly compliant environment? Calibrate your devices to ensure their accuracy.

Using Dickson's A2LA accredited calibration laboratory is the best way to ensure that your Dickson instrument is calibrated properly. Whether you're monitoring at a specific temperature or a wide range, our devices will read accurately across the device's entire range.

Custom solutions for your industry

Every industry has its own needs and it means the questions each ask are different. Leverage our expertise to help answer them regardless of the business you're in.

Pharma 242


Temperature monitoring solutions to meet your cold chain needs

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Hospital 243

Hospital & Healthcare

Temperature monitoring for vaccines, tissue, ORs and more

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 device 303

Medical Device

Temperature Monitoring for healthcare modernization

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