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This is the latest version (17.27.0of DicksonWare™ Software (USB download cable included). Use the software to setup your Dickson loggers, and view and download data.


Key features include:

  • Easy installation
  • Easy logger setup and data downloads
  • Data visualization with tables and graphs
  • Real-time monitoring
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A061 916
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  • Cable Details USB - Male Series A plug to 5 pin Male Series B mini plug.
  • Cable Length 6.0ft
  • Computer Interface USB
  • PC Requirements HelpMicrosoft Windows 98 or newer, 4 MB RAM, 1 free USB port, DVD/CD drive
  • Unit Weight 1 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Go to: c:\dickson\dw (or dwSecure)\DicksonWare.ini (this is listed as a Configurations Settings file)
  2. Open the file with a text editor like notepad.
  3. Find: UseUSBDevice=
  4. Change the 0 to a 1.

The following DicksonWare features are not supported by Windows 7 & 8.1: 

  • When viewing downloaded data in Table view the Export and Save functions are grayed out. Opening the Graph tab will re-enable these options.
  • Unit Serial Numbers are not always displayed on the graph channel titles. 
  • Save "Downloaded Data - Export Graphic" to a File will lock up the application. User must select Clip Board and past to Word or another application.
  • The application manual is not accessible. A copy for any customer who needs one is attached.
  • For international customers, the PC date format should be set to MM/DD/YY.