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DicksonOne Naming Channels

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Editing Channel Names

You can name your device's channels at any time. 

1)  The logger must first be registered to the account so that the channels are available. For assistance with       registering a logger to your account, please click here

2) Click on a device name to view and edit the channels

3) A device will default to having channel numbers
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4) Underneath the graph, where the channel number is listed, click the "Edit" button next to the channel. Note: only users with "Manage" permissions at one or more location will be able to edit channel names

5) Enter the name and click "Save". It's really that simple, but there are a few things to note:
  • after naming it here, that channel name will appear where that channel of data appears throughout the system. So any alarm, report, audit trail event in the Event Log, etc. 
  • You cannot delete a channel, as it is part of the device on your account. You will have the ability to edit the name at any time
  • If you replace the sensor, for calibration or otherwise, you can expect the following behavior:
    • replacing with the same type of sensor (in the case of calibration), once you plug in the new sensor, the data will continue on the same channel as before. You do not need to do anything
    • replacing with a different type of sensor (i.e., going from a temperature only sensor to a temperature and humidity sensor), a new channel will be created. You'll have to give the new channel a name at this point