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Archiving a Device

If you have a device on your account that will no longer be operational, it can be archived so that it is not actively monitoring but still provide you access to the historical data and past alarm events. Archiving removes the device from your subscription, but keeps it accessible within your account to view and analyze past data. 
NOTE: Archiving a device is permanent and cannot be undone. Before proceeding, make sure you no longer need the particular device in question for ongoing monitoring of your application. 

To archive a device:
  1. From the device graph page, click the settings icon
  2. From the settings module, click the "Archive this Device" button. You'll receive a message warning you that the action is permanent and cannot be undone. Click "Archive" to proceed.
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3. By archiving a device, the following will occur:
  • Archiving disables communication of the device with the servers (the device can then be re-purposed)
  • Any active alarms will be cleared for the device
  • All alarms for this device will be disabled
  • The device will be removed from any reports it is included on
  • The device is removed from your account subscription

4. After archiving, you can physically remove the device from operation. This will ensure the device doesn't attempt to send data if still powered on.
  • Disconnect the device from your network
  • Power down and unplug

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Viewing an Archived Device

You can access an archived device in the same way you can access and view any device that is actively monitoring.
  1. Go to your DicksonOne account
  2. From the location page, click on the location where the device had been grouped
  3. On your device dashboard page within that location, the archived device is still visible, but classified as "archived". Click on the name to access the graph
  4. On the graph screen, you will see a banner to denote the status of this device. From here, you will be able to view and analyze the historical data from this device up to the point at which it was archived
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