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This product has been replaced by the TH8P0

Our THV99 has been completely redesigned and now goes by Model TH800. The new TH800 has greater accuracy, better features and an 8" chart.

Click on the link to view and order the NEW TH800 Chart Recorder.

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Important Information

Charts are sold separately.

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Our Dickson Data Division has specially trained representatives to address the needs of customers with large installations or unique demands. Please call 888-452-4626.

AA Battery

AA Alkaline Battery

C010 4" (101mm) Chart 24-Hour, 0 to 100 $52.00 Add
P246 3 Red, 3 Blue Pens $56.00 Add

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Make sure the chart is not hung up or restricted.
  • Make sure the center strip of the chart is inserted into the black center hub of the recorder, making sure the chart is not ripped or torn.
  • Make sure there's not excessive tension from the pen or pen lifter, pinching the chart to the dial plate.
  • Make sure there is a good battery being used and it's in correctly.
  • Listen for the "ticking" sound coming from the clock, it should tick once every second for a 24-Hour unit and once every 7 seconds for a 7-Day unit

Is Pen Arm screw secure?

Is the Chart Recorder sitting on or mounted to a surface prone to vibration?

For Temperature units try removing the unit from the application and placing it in an isolated, low air flow environment like a zip lock freezer bag or desk drawer. If the pen traces straighten out, the traces may have actually been caused by the changes in your application.