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Sensaphone Dialer

Receive calls when your unit detects out-of-range conditions! The sensaphone allows you to be notified of conditions outside of your desired ranges when no one can be around to check.

Get the remote environmental monitoring that you need.

  • Dials up to four numbers
  • Monitors temperature, sound, and power failure
  • Additional add-on sensors availabe
  • Phone in for current conditions reports
  • No phone or electrical changes required

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  • Ambient Operating Temperature Conditions 32.0 to 120.0F (0.0 to 50.0C)
  • Approvals NRTL listed for compliance with UL standard 1459
  • Contacts 4
  • Dimensions 7.5 x 2.0 x 8.5in
  • Power Cord 6 ft
  • Power Source 120 VAC 60Hz 15W
  • Telephone Interface FCC approved RJ-11 plug-in modular connector
  • Temperature Range Help-20.0 to 150.0F (-30.0 to 65.0C)
Sensaphone Sensor

Weatherproof Refrigerator Temperature Sensor

Sensaphone Dialer

Remote Monitoring Unit - calls 4 numbers

Sensaphone Dialer

Remote Monitoring Unit - calls 8 numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The telephone number may be incorrectly programmed.
  • Tone or Pulse (the current dialing method) is not compatible with the telephone line on which the D118/D119 is installed.
  • Recognition time is too long. An alert condition does not remain in effect long enough to become a valid alarm.
  • Max number of calls set to zero. It's a good idea to set your Max calls to at least equal the number of dial-out telephone numbers programmed.
  • The unit must be connected to a standard (2-wire analog) telephone line, not a digital extension to a phone system. If the unit will not dial out and the factors previously listed have been ruled out, try connecting the unit to standard residential telephone line.
  • "Rings Until Answer" is incorrectly programmed.
  • Model D118/D119 connected to an incompatible telephone line.
  • The local voice mute feature is in effect.
  • Voice Reps is set to zero. Change to 1 or greater.
  • The unit's number of Rings Until Answer is set to equal the number of rings set for the telephone answering device.
  • The input isn't configured to read a temperature sensor.

The temperature sensor has been disconnected or has broken wires.

  • The temperature sensor may be affected by a source of ambient heat (ie., direct sunlight, or heat duct proximity).
  • Temperature may require calibration.
  • Programmed recognition Time is too short. AC power is often subjuect to brief interruptions.
  • Batteries are either installed incorrectly or drained.
  • Recognition time setting is too long.
  • Inputs are disabled.
  • Programmed Recognition Time is too long.
If brand new, they will last up to 24 hours.