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Chart Recorders & Data Loggers

Dickson is a leading manufacturer of
data loggers and chart recorders used to measure and record your critical temperature, humidity, pressure, and voltage data.

Calibration Services

Dickson makes it easy to reliably calibrate your data loggers and chart recorders, ensuring that you're always working with the most accurate data. Learn more why calibration is necessary and which calibration is right for your device.

Dickson Calibration Services

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7 Tools That Hospitals Use To Monitor Patients
We build devices that monitor temperature, humidity, and water pressure. This much you probably know. But, we are interested any and all monitoring, sensing, and data collection, specifically to the industries that we serve. Hospitals use our temperature data loggers to keep track of vaccine temperatures, analyze test results, and adhere to incubator standards. We’re […]

Arway Confections: A Dickson Customer Profile
Together, we walked out the back door with a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans in our hands and a grin on our faces, not realizing that we had left our notes, some unused products, and some calibration certificates back in the factory. We let out an ecstatic giggle. What?!? A few moments later, my […]

Expert Services

Our Dickson Data Division has specially trained representatives to address the needs of instrumentation customers with large installations or unique requirements and demands.
Please call 888-452-4626