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Chart Recorders & Data Loggers

Dickson is a leading manufacturer of
data loggers and chart recorders used to measure and record your critical temperature, humidity, pressure, and voltage data.

Calibration Services

Dickson makes it easy to reliably calibrate your data loggers and chart recorders, ensuring that you're always working with the most accurate data. Learn more why calibration is necessary and which calibration is right for your device.

Dickson Calibration Services

From the Blog

A Spring Spent Inside A Car Trunk: Tracking Temperature for 3 Months in the Midwest
Earlier this summer, on a bright but cool morning, our DicksonOne Product Manager, Matt, walked into work, tossed a Report Logger at me, and said something along the lines of, “That was in my car for three months, just now took it out.” I, being a bit groggy, and still without my morning cup(s) of coffee, was unfazed. However, what he said […]

How To Handle Regulation Changes Like A Pro
When regulations change, it can throw your whole process for a loop. Here are some tips on how to manage changes like a pro and create a smooth transition.   1. Stay up-to-date. From temperature monitoring to safety equipment, regulations are everywhere. Forgetting to check your regulatory agencies website for a couple of months, not […]

Expert Services

Our Dickson Data Division has specially trained representatives to address the needs of instrumentation customers with large installations or unique requirements and demands.
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