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Pressure Monitoring

Push Back against Your Pressure Demands
I Need a Pressure Monitoring Solution

Why Choose Dickson?

Our loggers don't just get the job done, they simplify the job from start to finish. It means you can busy yourself with other tasks, confident that your pressure monitoring needs are met.

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Data Sharing

By uploading data to the cloud, you and your employees can view data from every logger anywhere, anytime

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Review your data in easy-to-read reports, to have the peace of mind that your pressure never wavered, every time.

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Cost Efficiency

With multiple options to choose from, you can pick the right device that best matches your application.

Every Pressure Point Matters

With on-demand reports and easy data sharing, you can take your eyes of your gauges and put them onto more pressing matters.
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Pressure Data Logger

With PSI rating from 0-500, a digital display, USB and flash memory download, an IP68 enclosure, chances are good that we have the right solution for you.

Model Options

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Looking for a Pressure Recorder?

If digital isn't a necessity in your industry then our pressure recorders may be just what you need. We have ten different models of them, varying from their sizes and their PSIs, with a varying range from 24 hours of monitoring to 7 days of it. 

And, with Dickson, you're getting more than 90 years of experience in chart recorders with every purchase. It means you can rest assured that we've got your back no matter the pressure you're under.

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Compact Pressure Logger

This compact and discreet pressure data logger fits in toolboxes, tight corners or in wide open spaces without attracting attention. Each model was built for real-world water and gas pressure monitoring.

Model Options

Are you ready to press on?

Then we're here to help. Drop us a line to tell us about your business so we can help connect you with a system that best meets your needs.