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Temperature Monitoring for Vaccines

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Working Toward Extinction

Vaccines have a straight forward purpose. It's to protect society from infectious disease with the ultimate goal of driving them toward extincting and preventing ours. It's why we vaccinate. Mass inoculation happens to keep the world's worst diseases from becoming global health crises. 

It's why vaccination is a part of growing up. It's why ensuring vaccines remain their most effective is critical to societal care. Medicines like vaccines can be terribly unstable to a changing environment. High temperatures cause an increase in chemical reactions and can break down chemical compounds. Temperatures that dip below freezing can mean the extreme degradation of medicine. It's why the right vaccine monitoring system can mean the difference between prevention and cure. 

Whether you're delivering a tetanus shot to a school child or a flu vaccine to the elderly, the work vaccines do matters. It’s why the vaccine temperature monitoring system you choose is critical to their success. You’re working to eliminate disease one point at a time and we’re working to help. At Dickson, we understand the truth; when it comes to vaccines, every point matters.  

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