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The Dickson Team

Love. Serving. You.

When every point matters, you have to start with a great team. 


Mike cut 547
Mike Unger
Over 30 years

As a former door to door phone book delivery boy, Mike appreciates Google and how it's helped him and his family find new dive restaurants.

Mark k cut 545
Mark Kohlmeier
About 17 years

Mark, a professional musician and former apple picker, spends his time on the slopes and the links. Music, though, will always be a passion.

Chris s cut 546
Chris Sorensen
VP of Marketing and Sales
Over 32 years

Chris finds real enjoyment in college sports (watching them, not playing them). Only his family and his job receives more of his time.

Fred k cut 548
Fred Kirsch
VP of Manufacturing and Engineering
Almost 34 years

After starting, one of the things that struck me was how much people enjoy working here. Review

Accounting and Human Resources

Sue w cut 549
Sue Webb
Human Resource Manager
Almost 27 years

When not spending time with her grandson, Sue can often be found reading, cooking, or reading while cooking.

Nancy s cut 551
Nancy Swanson
Accounting Manager
Almost 17 years

Nancy is an outdoor enthusiast. When she isn't on the water paddle boarding or skiing, she can be found on the golf course.

Michele t cut 550
Michele Thompson
Accounts Payable
Almost 25 years

A former part of our Customer Service team, Michele enjoys reading and gardening, as long as she isn't traveling with her husband.



Juanita s cut 552
Juanita Sinon
Product Support/Test Engineer
Over 5 years

A former Electronic Tech, Juanita loves her kids. She's also an avid football fan, whether she's cheering on her kids or favorite NFL team.

Chris k cut 553
Christopher Krajewski
Applications Engineer Specialist
Over 6 years

A car guy, you're likely to find Chris snowboarding down the peaks. When he isn't, he's probably finding Nemo in one of his reef tanks.

Silhouettes 04 509
Steve Thompson
Testing: Documentation Manager
Almost 21 years

Steve is a true Chicago sports fan. When he isn't cheering his teams or traveling with his wife, he's busy striking out... at bowling.

Male avatar 1255
John Schmitz
Sr. Quality Manager
8 months

John enjoys jet skiing, but he loves playing with his grandchildren and the work he does volunteering with Jr. High students more.

Generica icon 989
David L. Craig
Technical Support Product Specialist
11 months

Many wouldn't think that being an outdoor enthusiast and a tech savant would run parallel, but not for David. He loves both.

Dean cut 554
Dean Tjaden Jr.
Electronic Engineer
Over 22 years
Kelly g cut 555
Kelly Giardino
Technical Product Support Specialist
Over 25 years
Raul s cut 556
Raul Lopez
Jr. Validation Specialist
Almost 3 years

Sales and Marketing

Hilary s cut 558
Hilary Stapula
Regional Sales Director
About 2 years

Hilary is an avid runner, cyclist, and watercolor artist. She and her husband also often tackle renovation projects with help from YouTube.

Ryan v cut 559
Ryan Vandenack
Regional Sales Director
Almost 5 years

From Sound Recording to Dickson, Ryan has proven he moves to our beat. He's often dancing to Chelsea Dagger and traveling with his wife.

Jessie m cut 560
Jessie Morgan
Business Development Manager
Over 2 years

A fitness enthusiast, Jessie still finds time to dabble in local cuisine. She keeps her friends and family top of mind, all the time.

David y cut 563
David Yew
Business Development Manager
Almost 2 years

Don't think sports nuts are data nerds? Then you've never played daily fantasy sports against David. Watch out come baseball season.

Karin l cut 562
Karin Lynch
Sales and Support Associate
Over 2 years

Karin Lynch is an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys yoga, her family and her friends, though not necessarily in that order.

Scott h cut 564
Scott Halasy
Jr. Product Manager
Almost 2 years

Scott is an outdoor enthusiast and a big fan of hockey. Go Blackhawks! (Kidding, he's a Red Wings fan - we like him anyway.)

Jeff r cut 578
Jeff Renoe
Marketing Manager
Almost 3 years

Jeff's an ad guy turned content strategist. When not working he's likely penning his novel, MMOing or tabletop gaming.

Silhouettes 03 510
Rachel Kellett
Marketing Coordinator
Over 1 year

Always on the lookout for a great new pop culture reference from TV or Film, Rachel enjoys to cook when she isn't running with her dog.

Silhouettes 03 934
Marcy Somenek
Graphic Designer
About 1 year

A graphic designer with a marketing background, Marcy is a fan of dogs. Jack is her favorite. Downward Dog is second.

Generica icon 988
George Sorensen
Sales and Marketing Specialist
12 months

George is a chain smoker (of meats) and an avid fan of live music. Prior to joining Dickson, he worked in Hospitality and Logistics.

Female avatar 1075
Alisa Helstad
Sales and Support Associate
10 months

Alisa swims with the sharks. It's why she dreams of one day running onto the TV show Shark Tank to pitch her newest business idea.

Male avatar 1076
Eric Holthus
Sales and Support Associate
10 months

Eric is always ready to tee it up on the links and in sales. The result may not always be an Ace, but he's always pin seeking.

Debbie s cut 565
Debbie Travis
Almost 3 years
Antoine n cut 566
Antoine Nguyen
Director of Services
Over 2 years


Jimmy s cut 567
Jimmy Springer
Operations Manager
Almost 6 years

A former Harley salesman and bouncer, Jimmy loves spending time under the stars with his family and creating art for his home.

Jennifer p cut 568
Jennifer Pawlak
Production Coordinator
Over 10 years

Though Jennifer enjoys being engrossed in a good book, she loves to travel with family. She's worked with Carlton Cards and CDW.

Jeff s 425
Jeff Stone
Shipping Coordinator
About 18 years

Jeff, a family man, is A Chicago baseball South Sider. He also enjoys music and is happy to say he's been at Dickson for more than 15 years.


Gary b cut 569
Gary Brill
Calibration Technician
Almost 6 years

From the Docks to Dickson, there are three words you can use to best define Gary outside of work. Faith. Family. Sports.

Sue s cut 572
Susan Scotti
Calibration Technician
About 7 years

Susan can often be found doing any one of the following activities: Reading, crocheting or reading about crocheting.

Rudy r cut 571
Rudy Reza
Almost 3 years

An interest in electronics that's shown throughout his career, Rudy enjoys sports and traveling when he doesn't have his hands on devices.

Silhouettes 04 514
Roger Saverino
Warehouse/Production Assistant
Almost 2 years

Family is everything to Roger. When not with his wife and twins, he's playing any one of a variety of sports or taking part in Crossfit IWT.

Male avatar 1254
Thomas Hodorowski
Production Assistant
7 months

While focusing awareness on the present moment, Thomas enjoys taking in a game from the local Chicago Bulls and making a quality sandwich.

Sarmista p 435
Sarmista Patel
Almost 9 years
Balraj cut 573
Balraj Hundal
Almost 39 years
Maria b cut 575
Maria Banuelos
Over 18 years
Yolanda cut 576
Yolanda Aillon
Over 19 years