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Upload Data

Legacy register device 929

Configure a Logger and Upload Data

1. While logged into DicksonWare, connect the data logger to your computer via USB cable

2. DicksonWare will recognize that a logger is connected. If this logger is connected for the first time, the pop-up will ask if you would like to upload logger data each time the device is connected to the computer.
Make sure you check the box to save the logger to DicksonWare and enable the automatic upload of data upon connecting. Close out of the box to continue.

3. Close out of the program (but don’t log out). If the device is connected to the computer, Legacy Uploader will begin operating in the background to upload and process the data. You should receive a browser notification indicating when the upload has started and when it has finished. To receive these notifications, you must have your browser notifications enabled.

Dicksonware notifications 930

4. You should now be able to log in to DicksonOne and view the data from that device

5. To upload again, simply connect the device to the computer you have Dicksonware installed on. If you remained logged in from your last session, there is nothing more you need to do. Otherwise, you will be prompted to log in to Dicksonware again to resume the upload