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Dicksonware Installation

Legacy secure upgraade 922

Dicksonware & Legacy Uploader Installation and Setup

Use of the Legacy Uploader functionality requires the latest version of Dicksonware (v20.1.0.0 or higher).

To install:
  1. Connect the USB stick that’s pre-loaded with the software to your computer.
  2. The computer should automatically recognize the USB drive.
  3. On your local drives, look for the USB connected and click on the folder.
  4. Within the folder for the connected USB drive, click on the DicksonWare file to begin downloading. Save it to a file location where you can easily access it - preferably the desktop
    • Two programs will be installed: the DicksonWare software (the interface) and the Legacy Uploader (runs in the background to process data).

To launch program:
  1. Once installed, the program should launch automatically. If it does not, you can access the file from your computer’s C: drive (or wherever you saved it). 
  2. To enable the secured Legacy Uploader functionality, you’ll need the product key obtained with your purchase.
  3. Inside the program, go to Help > Upgrade to Secure