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Configure Uploader

Configure Uploader

Legacy access profile 926

Configuring Legacy Uploader

Once you’ve installed the DicksonWare software and signed up for a DicksonOne account, you’re ready to configure the Legacy Uploader functionality.

1. From your DicksonOne account, go to the Manage > My Profile

2. On the My Profile page, scroll below your name, email, and password fields. You will see a field named “API Key”
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3. This API Key is what will link your DicksonOne account to the DicksonWare software to enable uploading the data from your DSB device. Highlight the API Key to copy the entire token to your computer’s clipboard.

4. Launch DicksonWare and log in if the program is not already open.

5. Navigate to the “Security” tab and click on “User”

Legacy enter api 928

6. In the sidebar, click on “Uploader Settings”

7. In the “Legacy Uploader Key” field, paste the API key from DicksonOne obtained in step 3 above and click “Save”