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Why are there multiple lines of the same color on my graph?

Because there is only so much space on the screen, when you are viewing data from a wide data range, the system must downsample the data.

The data is averaged (the solid line) to give you an idea of the general temperature, but because an average may hide an important excursion in your data it is important to be able to see the highest temperature (top faded line) and the lowest temperature (bottom faded line).

In the image above you can see that we are looking at 1 month worth of temperature data (indicated by the "1m" in the lower left) the graph is showing at a 4hr resolution (under the title in the center of the graph). This means that every point is the average of 4 hours worth of data. 

Using the black dotted line as the indicator of where we're looking at we can learn a number of things about this point in time by looking at the data in the upper right. You'll see the date and time, the average temperature over those four hours (big red numbers), as well as the high and low temperatures over the four hours (smaller, light grey text; right and left respectively).