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Creating And Assigning User Roles

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Creating And Assigning User Roles

Account admins have the ability to establish user roles, and assign them to the appropriate user or contact person (all users are contacts, but you can add non-users as contacts if they need to receive alarm notifications).

Establishing or Creating User Roles

You have to initially enable roles in order to use them. We provide a list of available roles you can enable for your account, or you can create your own. We do not enable all of them by default, because most organizations will probably only need a few of them. Limiting roles to the least amount necessary helps to simplify processes, and eliminates confusion and potential conflicts.
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  • To enable use of roles, go to Manage > Users. If you are logged in as an admin user, you will have access to a "Manage User Roles" button on the Users page
  • Upon clicking the button, you'll see two panels
    • The left-side panel includes the list of available roles
    • The right-side panel should be blank. This will include the active roles you would like to enable
  • To enable a role, simply click on the one you want from the left panel, and drag it over to the right panel
  • If none of the available roles in the list meet your needs, you can create your own
  • On the right-side "Enabled Roles" panel, input the title of the new role you would like to create, and click the "+" button
All of the roles visible inside the "Enabled Roles" panel can now be assigned to users.
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Assigning Roles to Users

  • Go to Manage > Contact Book (Note: currently there's a limitation of the system that does not allow you to assign roles when inviting users. That will be addressed shortly, and the "Users" and "Contacts" pages will be combined into one. For now, user roles must be assigned on the Contact Book page after they become a user)
  • For a given user on the Contact Book page, click the Edit icon (the pencil icon)
  • From the drop-down menu, select an available role (only the ones you have enabled will be visible)
  • Then select a location or locations that this contact person (and the associated role) is responsible for