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DicksonOne | Understanding the Graph Area

Understanding graph temp channels 791

Understanding the Graph Area

The Graph Area displays the data you have selected using the Range Selection Tools and the Graph Display Toggle tools.

Reading the Graph Axes
  • The Timeline axis displays the date range for the graph area
  • The Temperature Range axis diplays the temperature range of the graph area. 
    • If you have multiple temperature channels, they will all utilize the temperature axis, but the lines on the graph will appear in a different color so as to easily differentiate the various temperature channels.
    • You can also toggle different channels on and off using the selectors below the graph:
Understanding graph 815

  • The Humidity Range axis displays the humidity range of the graph area.

When looking at your graph, it is important to understand that the range of temperature and/or humidity on each axis will automatically scale based on your data that is currently displayed on the graph. 

In the example to the right, at first glance it may appear that there has been a significant temperature fluctuation in the 24 hour window displayed within the graph area. However, the temperature range of the graph is only right now 20 degrees (from 45-65) and the lowest temperature displayed on the graph is only 15 below the highest one. If these same data points were displayed on a graph with a 60 degree temperature range, the change would appear much less drastic. 
Screenshot %28131%29 816

Reading Longer Term Data

When displaying a longer timeline of data, you will notice some changes to your graph. Underneath the graph's title a Resolution Note may appear. The resolution of the graph is the length of time reflected in one data point. For example, if the resolution note reads: "displaying at 4hr resolution" then there is one data point displayed for every four hours of data. 
Viewing graph data 817

When no resolution note appears, one data point reflects one reading from the logger. 

When the Resolution of the graph has changed, faded red, blue or green lines may appear in the graph area. The faded lines represent the min and max temperature, humidity reading or dew point for that data point. To view the details of these data points scroll over them and the details will appear in the upper right hand corner of the graph area.