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DicksonOne | Understanding the Events Log Audit Trail

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Understanding the Events Log / Audit Trail

The Events Log (audit trail) automatically records information about how your organization is using the DicksonOne System. The user name, time and date, device (when applicable), and a brief notation are added to the log when any of the following events occur: 
  • Users log in or out of the DicksonOne Web Portal
  • Device or location information is added or changed
  • Alarms are added or changed
  • Users are added or their permissions changed
  • Data is exported
  • Annotations are made or changed in the graph area.To view the Events Log, click 
'Events' on the top of the page.

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On the events page you'll see the following:
  1. Time zone - changes the time zone the events are reported in (defaults to browser's time zone)
  2. Filter - filter the results to exactly what you want (more below)
  3. Export - export all events or just a filtered set to a CSV file
  4. Event Detail - Each line is an individual event or set of changes
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You can filter the audit trail based on a number of things:
  • A specific device or set of devices
  • A specific user or group of users
  • Type of event
  • Date Range
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The event log captures a number of different types of data including:
  • Account - anything relating to account settings (company name, billing, security policies)
  • Alarm - anything related to the creation, deletion, editing, pausing, commenting, or acknowledgement of an alarm (not including an alarm being triggered)
  • Annotation - A user has added an annotation to the graph of a device
  • Device - A user has added, deleted, or edited a device
  • Export - A user has exported data for a device
  • Location - A user has added, deleted, or edited a device
  • User - A user has been added, deleted, or edited a user
  • Report - A user has created, deleted, or edited a report
  • System - The system has performed an action based on alarms or other programmed behavior (this includes alarms that were triggered)

  • The site will do it's best to guess what zone you're in based on the timezone of the first logger in your account, but you can always change it
  • The device may not be located in your timezone!
  • You can only track events for users who have and use their own account.