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DicksonOne | Understanding Logger Settings

Logger for settings 709

Understanding Logger Settings

All logger settings can be adjusted from the DicksonOne interface. This means you should never have to go to your logger to change a setting.  

Go to your Devices page (or the specific location) and find the logger you'd like to view/adjust the settings of. Click on the name of the logger.

Graph page w gear 710

Once on the graph page, select the gear in the lower right of the page (seen below in the red square).
Logger settings 711

The settings window will open and you can view/edit the following attributes for the logger:
  • Location: Where the device is located or what group it belongs to
  • Name: The name of this particular logger
  • Sample Interval: How often the logger is taking a reading or sample
  • Alarm Delay: The time a logger must be experiencing an alarm condition before it alarms (for more information, see the Alarm Delay article)
  • Temperature Display Unit (F/C): This changes the unit of measure that is displayed both online AND the display of the physical device for this particular logger.
  • User Calibration Date: The date you last "calibrated" this logger (for more information, see the article on User Calibrations)
  • User Calibration Interval: The duration in which you want to be reminded  that a unit is due for calibration
  • Display Time Zone: The time zone the device is located in