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reseller accounts

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What is a DicksonOne Reseller Account?

A account designated as a “reseller” provides you with the ability to link other sub-accounts that sell DicksonOne devices and software on your behalf. This can provide you, as the administrator of a reseller account, with visibility into usage of the DicksonOne system by your sub-accounts. To take advantage of this, you must be an authorized reseller of DicksonOne hardware and software.

Becoming a Reseller Account

If you have an existing relationship with Dickson as an authorized reseller, you can utilize a reseller account. To get started:
  1. Sign up for a standard account (if you haven’t already) at
  2. Contact your Dickson representative to have your account designated as a reseller account
  3. After being designated as a reseller, log back into your account as you would normally
  4. As the administrator, you should now have access to a new tab at the top the screen labeled “Reseller”. You can now link multiple sub-accounts to your account
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Linking DicksonOne accounts to your Reseller Account

To link an account, you’ll need to obtain the affiliate code from your reseller account.
  • Log in to your account and access the “Manage” tab
  • Click on “Account” to access your global account settings page
  • In the box titled “General Settings”, you will see a field titled “Affiliate code.”
  • This is the unique ID for your reseller account that will be used to link other sub-accounts to this one
  • You must provide this affiliate code to the administrators of the sub-accounts you would like to link
  • Once other accounts linked to yours via the affiliate code, you will then be able to view them within the Reseller Reports available to you
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Reseller Reports

There are several reports available to you as the administrator of a reseller account. To access them, simply click on the “Reseller” tab while logged into your account.

  • Clients Report
    • This will list all of the client accounts associated with your reseller account. It provides the name, primary contact email address for each account’s administrator, as well as the subscription on the account

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  • Client Accounts Detail
    • For all of your clients’ accounts, this report provides their respective account IDs, account name, administrator of the account, the subscription type and expiration date, as well as the number of devices in use on that account 
  • Devices Report
    • This will provide all of the information for each device actively monitoring within all of your client’s accounts
    • You can view details such as device tokens and serial numbers, last datapoint received, and the firmware version

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  • Twilio Summary Report
    • This report provides you with the number of phone call and text message notifications sent per account
  • Twilio Detail Report
    • This report dives even further into each phone call and text message notification sent, providing such detail as the country the notification was originated in, when the message was sent