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DicksonOne | Replacing a Device

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Replacing a Device

You may need to remove your DicksonOne device from its location for calibration, repairs or other reasons. You can do so without interrupting the collection of data by replacing it with another DicksonOne device. This article explains what to do when you must replace the entire device. If instead you are looking to learn about swapping the replaceable sensors of a device (for calibration or otherwise), see Replaceable Sensors & Calibrations.

Before you begin, you will need to have a registration code for the device you will be connecting to that location. This will ensure that the flow of data is not interrupted. If you do not have a registration code for your device, see Adding a Logger. If you are using a device that was previously connected to another location, you may need to Clear the Logger's Token.

Once you have a registration code ready to go, select the Replace Icon (outlined in red) below the graph area. 

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Click okay to confirm.

After you confirm, the logger will display a registration code that you can use to re-connect your device whenever you're ready. 

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A new screen will open. Enter the new device's registration code, click save, and the new device will start collecting data with the same settings as the previous device.