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Replaceable Sensors and Calibrations

Replaceable Sensors and Calibrations 
Most of Dickson's data loggers are compatible with interchangeable replaceable sensors (see below for a comprehensive list of all models that are compatible). Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, just plug the sensor into the port (it can only fit snugly one way, like a puzzle piece). 

Once the sensor is plugged in and the device is connected (see "How to Connect a Wifi/Ethernet Logger"), the software does the rest. If you purchased a sensor with dual probes, once it is plugged in, you can monitor two channels (i.e, a fridge and a freezer) with a single sensor. 

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What about Calibrations?
When it's time to recalibrate the device, simply purchase a new replaceable sensor with calibration. Once you receive the new sensor, simply replace it as you would a new battery. The device will then automatically continue monitoring with the new sensor.