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DicksonOne | Organizing-Reorganizing-Renaming a Location

Organizing, Reorganizing, Renaming Locations

Locations   organize 730

If you aren't already on the locations page, click select Locations from the Manage tab.
Locations   edit 731

Scroll down until you can see your location tree or structure. In this example, we've accidentally placed a new facility as a standalone location under the Dickson Data umbrella. What we really want is it to be a part of the Warehouse Storage.
Locations   edit2 732

You can edit the name of a location by clicking on the location name, and then entering the new name in the "Edit Location" box:
Locations   reorganize 733

Hit Edit Location and our New Facility is now Materials Storage

Note: Whenever you make any changes, be sure to click "Save at the bottom of the Locations page!

If you need to delete a location see the Deleting a Location Article.