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Notes on Configuring Your Account

While this article benefits users with large systems the most, the points are very good for small system users as well. These are considerations you'll want to keep in mind as you start your DicksonOne experience:

- The individual who signs up for the first account from a company is essentially the admin of the system. Some companies choose to create a new email address (ex: so that nothing has to change in the event an admin leaves the company.

- When signing up for your account you're asked for your company name. What you enter in this field will act as the top-most level of your location structure (click HERE for more info on locations). 

- You may want to setup your location structure before you add all of your loggers. It will save time when setting adding loggers to the account. 

- Before adding the loggers you may want to consider how you want them to appear. Currently it isn't possible to re-order the loggers, so you should add them to your account in the order you want from Top to Bottom. 

For example: 
Logger One (added first)
Logger Two (added second)
Logger Three (added third)