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DicksonOne | Replacing a First Generation Device with a Second Generation Device

Dicksonone old vs new 782

Replacing a First Generation Device with a Second Generation Device

This article is for people replacing generation one devices with generation two devices. 

So, what is considered generation one or generation two? 

Dashboard new channel 783

How does replacing a device affect the account interface?

There are a few things to be aware of when replacing a device in your account:
  • With the new device, you are effectively adding a new channel. 
  • This means you will see a new channel number in the interface (channel 1 vs 101 for example)
  • You MUST adjust any alarms or alarm templates you have with the old device. Switch the channel so that the alarm triggers on the new channel, not the old one that is no longer reporting
  • On your device dashboard page, the old channel will display the text "No data within 24 hr period", because data is no longer flowing from that channel
  • The channel will also be displayed, with the data

It may be fairly minor, but the device will appear as if it has double the channels it did originally (ie. rather than replace a channel (the variable you're monitoring), it will double the number of channels. Now, the old channels and the new channels will not impact performance anyway, but it will look different and may be slightly confusing to those not familiar with the situation. 

If this is a concern, our recommendation is to add a device as new and simply disconnect the old device, effectively keeping the data, but no longer transmitting to it. The downside is you have two devices for the same monitoring point that is not a single stream of data.

Currently, an "archived" device will count against the device allotment associated with your subscription. If this becomes an issue, please contact and we'll work with you to address this.