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DicksonOne | Manually Updating the Firmware via the Web

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Manually Updating the Firmware via the Web

Setting your device to update automatically Over the Air (OTA) is the best way to ensure your device is up to date and has the latest features, but we understand that some customer have SOPs in place where that is not an option. OTA updates only works with Generation 2 DicksonOne devices.

Good reasons to change the options for individual devices would be:
  • You have a device that is not subject to the SOP
  • You have a standalone test device that you use to validate firmware prior to releasing to 
You have the option to set all devices to update automatically at the account level, on a device by device basis, manually (what we'll cover here), or a combination of all three.

How to update the device's firmware manually via the web

Go to the device page for the particular device you'd like to change the firmware settings for.

Hit the gear icon to get to the device settings.

For a device that supports OTA firmware updates, you'll see a tab called Firmware (see image below), click that.
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Once you're at the firmware update screen you have three options:

If you've got the device set to Use the account default AND the account default is set to manual or the device is set to Do not update this device automatically, then you'll see the button that says Update Firmware in the message above the options (blue bar in the image above).

If a new firmware is available, the button will be enabled and you can hit the button to tell the device to begin updating its firmware.

NOTE: The device checks for new firmware about every 8 hours, but you can force this by restarting the device. An update typically takes about 2 hours to download and then less than a minute or so to update. Logging continues during the update process and no data is lost during this process.