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DicksonOne | How to Find the MAC Address of Your Logger

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How to Find the MAC Address of your Logger

Every DicksonOne logger has a distinct Media Access Control (MAC) Address.

For touchscreen models (TWE, TWP, and TSB), you can find the MAC address onscreen. From the settings menu, simply select the network connection icon (the "WiFi" symbol). You will see a field titled "MAC address"

For all other device types, you'll have to utilize the Configuration Widget.

Plug your logger into your computer via USB (make sure the logger is powered on and disconnected from AC power) and open the Wifi Configuration Widget you downloaded when you originally set up your logger. If you have an Ethernet Unit or no longer have the Configuration Widget installed click here to download it. Double-click the icon for for the Wifi Configuration Widget to open it.

Once the widget is open, click 'Next' twice to pass through the first screens.  

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When the option appears in the bottom right section of the widget, click 'Advanced.'

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The MAC address for your logger will be located in the lower left corner of the Advanced Options page.