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DicksonOne | How to Create an Alarm Template

How to Create an Alarm Template

What is an Alarm Template?
An alarm template is a set of conditions and associated notifications (emails, texts, phone calls, etc) that is created once and can be applied to a group of loggers in bulk or to a new logger once it has been added.

The goal is reduce the recreation of the same alarm conditions over and over. This feature is particularly helpful for accounts with many loggers and even more so when the loggers are monitoring the same application (a large number of refrigerators and freezers storing vaccines for example). 

How do I Create an Alarm Template?
Creating an alarm template is quite simple. It is very much like creating a traditional alarm, with a few extra considerations. These include: 
  • You'll most likely want to create separate alarms per channel of a device if they are recording in different ranges. For example, a two channel temperature device with one probe in the refrigerator and one in the freezer should have two separate alarm templates; one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer.
  • You should think about the type of devices a template will be applied to. You cannot apply humidity conditions to a device that does not have a humidity channel, for example. 
  • It is best to think about a template per application. For example, you might have a vaccine refrigerator template (temperature only device or a single channel on a dual channel device), a vaccine freezer template (again, temperature only device or a single channel on a dual channel device), and an ambient laboratory template (either a temperature only channel or both temperature and humidity channels). 
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Steps to create an Alarm Template

For this example, I'll be creating templates that would be used for monitoring a standard refrigerator/freezer combo that is monitoring vaccines. 
1. Start by heading to Manage > Alarm Templates.
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2. Click "Add New Template"
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3. Complete the Alarm Template form:

1. Give the template a descriptive name. Remember: thinking about this in terms of application (how the logger is being used) is helpful.

2. Decided whether only you should be able to view the template or if everyone in the account should be able to see it. Note: choosing account-wide will make the template available to all locations from the parent company regardless of the locations you as a user can see.

3. Select the conditions that should create alarms. You can choose multiple combinations of conditions, but it may make sense to separate out sensors in different applications (a refrigerator vs a freezer, for example).

4. Choose who will be notified and the method of sending the notification (email, text message, phone call).
If you desire to utilize the escalating alarm feature, you can then select "Add notification" to input a different notification type and recipient.

5. You can have multiple notifications for a given condition
          Notifications are grouped by alarm delay (the number of readings required to trigger an alarm). You can take           advantage of the escalating alarm feature by adding in a delay of readings for a particular notification (or set           of multiple notifications).

6. For more information on escalating alarms, please see Using the Alarm Escalation Feature (Multiple Delays)
You may choose to apply this template to specific devices at this time. For more information see the article: Apply an Alarm Template to Multiple Devices. 

7. Hit "Create Template" 

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