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How to Connect a WIFI Logger

Configuring A Logger's Wireless Network Settings

Touchscreen models (TWE, TWP) can be configured on a wireless network directly from the device itself.
1) Click the "Settings" icon. Navigate to the Network icon in the left sidebar (the "WiFi" logo)

2) If the device is currently displaying an ethernet configuration, click the button that indicates "Switch to WiFi"

3) You should now be able to select "Scan" to find the appropriate wireless network. Input the wireless network credentials (password) into the appropriate field, confirm, and the device should indicate it is connected.

4) When successfully configured, you will see a 6-digit code displayed on the same screen. This is the code used to add the logger to your account. See Adding a Device to Your Account.
Security warning 665

All other devices must be use the Configuration Widget

Step 1. Download the widget from: and save it in a place you'll remember, like the desktop.

Step 2. Look for this icon on your desktop and double click it to open the widget.

NOTE: This configuration utility or widget requires .Net 4.0 or newer to run. 
If the security warning appears, simply click run.
Wifiwidgetpg1 666

Step 3. Plug one end of the included USB cord into your computer and the other into your logger. Make sure the logger is on and connected to the power source via the AC adapter.  Click "Next" to get started.
Dicksonone wifi booting sm 667

If you have a 1st generation logger (the black plastic case): the device should reboot and the screen should display the holding pattern as in the image to the right:

Dwe rtrh probetemp left angle 12662 672

If you have a 2nd generation DWE unit: The LED indicator light should be bright white, indicating that the device is connected to a computer via USB. In addition, "USB" will appear on the LCD display.
Wifi widget  credentials 673

Wifi widget  device found 668

Wifi widget  reboot 669

Wifi widget  adv 670

Wifi widget  finish 671