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DicksonOne | How to Compare Data from Two Devices

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How to Compare Data from Two Devices

You can compare data from two loggers for any time period using the Comparison Graph feature. 
To create a Comparison Graph, open the display page of one of the loggers you want to compare, and select the 'Compare' icon (outlined in red) from the menu on the bottom right hand side of the graph area.
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A pop-up window will appear to help you customize your Comparison Graph. In the upper box select the other device that you would like to use for the comparison; in the lower box select the data channel, the type of data you would like to display
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Click 'Compare' and your new comparison graph will display in the graph area. An orange line will represent the data from the second device. You can make more changes to the information displayed in the graph area by using the range selection tools or the graph display toggles.