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DicksonOne | How to Apply An Alarm Template to a Device

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How to Apply an Alarm Template to a Device

If you've already set up an alarm template, the next thing to do is to apply the template to a device. There are two ways to do this. The first, which will be covered in this article, is to apply an alarm template to a single device. The second option is to Apply an Alarm Template to Multiple Devices at once.

1. From a device's page, select the Alarm/Bell Icon.
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2. Select the tab labeled "Select Template"
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3. Choose the desired template to apply and the applicable channel

Select the desired template from the dropdown list
Choose the applicable channels to apply this to. All alarm conditions will be applied to the channels they relate to and are available on this device. 
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4. Hit "Preview Alarms" to see which conditions will be applied to which channels.

5. Hit "Add these Alarms" to add the template to the device.