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What do the colors of the LEDs on the logger mean?

White x 5 (Blue/Red/Green at once)
Logger is initializing

Solitary Blue Blink
Successfully transmitted a packet.

Solitary Blue then Solitary Green
Successfully transmitted packed, but adjusting the device's time.

Solitary Blue then Solitary Red
The logger attempted to send a packet of information, but didn't receive any acknowledgement from the server. This may indicate the device isn't connected to the server at all (check the wireless connection) or the device isn't receiving the responses from our server, but they are reaching the server (check with IT that there's nothing blocking the server responses to the logger).

Long Blue then Long Green then Long Red
The logger lost it's connection to the communication module. After two minutes, the device will reset itself and therefore reestablish the connection to the module.

Solid Red
Device was started in Firmware Update Mode.

Solid Purple (or lavender)
Updating the firmware.

No Light
Either the device is off or in a resting state/not transmitting.