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How do I update the firmware on my first generation logger?

Occasionally there may be a need to update the firmware on your logger. Maybe it is a bug fix or a new feature, but either way, this simple process will get your logger updated.

Getting the Firmware Update Utiltiy

1. Visit the DicksonOne Widget page.
2. Download the Firmware Update Utility (note where the file is save as you'll need it in the next section).

Installing the Firmware Update Utility
1. Locate the ZIP file you downloaded in the previous section.
2. Unzip the file by right clicking the ZIP file and selecting Extract All...  
3. Double click Setup
4. If you get any warnings click Run or Install
5. Once the utility has installed it will create an icon called Firmware Update. Open that and you should see the following:

Using the Firmware Update Utility
There first part is to boot the device into the Firmware Update Mode. To do this complete the following steps.

1. Turn the device off.
2. Remove the battery cover.
3. Locate the button under the serial number label. You'll need a pin or paper clip to reach it. To locate the hole either:
A) Rub the label with your finger until you feel the hole.
It will be at approximately the 4th digit in the serial number.

B) Use a knife (carefully!) or your finger nail to peel back the label.
4. Plug the logger into your computer's USB port (ensure the device is plugged into power). 
5. Using the pin or paper clip, press the button in the hole you just exposed and power the unit on simultaneously. 
6. The logger's LED should turn a solid red. 
The next thing to complete is the actual updating of the firmware.
1. You should be at this screen on your computer by now:
2. Click Write Firmware to the Device to update your logger*. 
4. Once the update is successful the text in the bottom right will indicate it is complete.
5. You can disconnect your device from the computer, plug it into power and continue setup or normal use.

*NOTE: If you see the message "Can't find firmware for this device. Check internet connectivity." it may mean your network firewall prevents the utility from reaching out to the DicksonOne firmware FTP site, the application may not work.

Often times it is your local firewall (ex. Windows Firewall) blocking the application or port 21. You may need administrative rights to change/allow a program on your local firewall.

If you cannot get the widget to work, please email or call 630.543.3747. We can provide the proper file and you can use the Select File functionality in the utility to update your devices locally.