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DicksonOne | Delete an Alarm or Remove a Template From a Device

Alarms access settings 739

Delete an Alarm Or Remove a Template From a Device

Access the device's alarms
To delete an alarm that you previously set, or remove an alarm template from a particular device, open the display page for that logger.
  • click the alarms icon on the bottom right hand corner of the graph area (outlined in red).
Alarms   delete 740

Deleting a Custom Alarm
On the Alarms page, Under the "Custom" section, locate the alarm you wish to delete and click the 'X' to the right of the "Edit" and "Pause" buttons.
  • After clicking, confirm the submission. You will then see a red banner confirming deletion.

Removing a Template from a Device
From this same screen, you can remove an alarm template from this device:
  • The template(s) that are applied to this device are listed at the bottom of the screen, below the "Custom" alarms section
  • To remove a template from the device, simply click the "X" to the right of the template "Pause" button. NOTE: This does not delete the template; it simply removes this template from this device only.
  • To add the device back to this template, please see How to Apply an Alarm Template to a Device