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DicksonOne | Creating a Report

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Creating a Report

Step 1:
Log in to your DicksonOne account and click "Reports" from the main navigation. Then click "Create a New Report."
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Step 2: Click the drop-down menu to select how the data in your report is organized. 
Option 1 is by channel. This will display the channels (i.e., temperature vs. humidity) of your device(s) in separate sections and you'll be comparing a given channel across multiple devices. This is particularly useful if you'd like to compare temperature or humidity across a number of devices. Each channel will list multiple loggers under it.
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Option 2 is by device. This option will group the channels of a single device under that device. This is good for understanding an individual logger's data over a time range. You can include more than one logger in your report; each one will be displayed separately. Each logger will only show the channel(s) associated with that particular logger. 
Option 3 is tabular data. This option will display your data in a raw tabular format. You can select to display all data, or downsample it (summarize) at specified time intervals. (See the article detailing Downsampled Data for more info).
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Step 3:  Selecting Logger(s) or Location(s)

You can choose any of the following for a given report:
  • A single device
  • Multiple devices
  • A single location
  • Multiple locations
  • A combination of loggers and locations

When you select a device or multiple devices, you'll receive a report with just those devices. If you select a location or multiple locations, you'll receive a report with any and all loggers that are grouped in a location. 

Remember: There's currently no limit to the number of locations and/or devices you can choose for a single report, but the more you choose the longer (more pages) the report will become. 

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Step 4: Name and configure your report

Name: You'll want to name your report something that makes it easily identifiable (think about what loggers or locations will be included and how often it's being sent).

Frequency: You can choose to have the report delivered to the recipients either daily, weekly, or monthly, or one time only. 
  • Daily = One day's worth of data for the 1 days prior to the day the report is received on
  • Weekly = One week's worth of data for the 7 days prior to the day the report is received on
  • Monthly = One month's worth of data for the month prior to the day the report is received on (automatically accounts for months with different number of days)
  • Once = Selecting a one-time report will prompt you to input the date range you want to be included in the report.

Time zone: This controls what time the day/week/month is actually selected for the report and when it is generated. It defaults to your computer's current timezone. 
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