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DicksonOne | Change or Remove Reference Lines on a Graph

Reference lines access 747

Change or Remove Reference Lines On a Graph

Click the Reference Lines button, underneath the graph area to open the Reference Lines pop-up tool. 
Reference lines new 748

If you have never created a reference line before, the message in the box will indicate so. To create one, simply click the "New Reference Line" button.
Reference lines add 749

From the drop-down menu, select the channel you want to add this particular reference line for. 
In the "Value" box, input the point at which you want to display the reference line on the graph (i.e., 75 deg F, or 50% RH). 

Remember that temperature channels correspond to the y-axis values on the left side of the graph; the value for a humidity channel will correspond to the y-axis on the right side of the graph.
Reference lines edit 750

The pop-up module will display all reference lines for that particular graph you are viewing. 
  • Locate the reference line display you would like to change and click edit.
  • Input the new value you would like to change it to and click "Update"  
  • Click "delete" to remove the line from the graph completely 

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