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Before you Purchase a DicksonOne System

This list serves as a general set of considerations for use before you purchase a DicksonOne Environmental Monitoring System.

1. Call a specialist to talk through your application and discuss your specific needs: 888-452-4626.

2. If you have a formal/strict IT environment, get your IT department involved from the beginning. Have our people talk to your people; save time and prevent confusion!

3. Many customers instantly assume WiFi loggers are the best option. They may be, but check out why you may want to choose one logger type over another.

4. What type of WiFi security do you use? DicksonOne WiFi loggers are currently compatible with: No Encryption, WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Personal. Customers with WPA2 Enterprise are not necessarily excluded from using Dicksone, but if you fall into this category you should call us.

5. If you need to monitor a point that is high in the air, say 30 feet up in a warehouse, rather than mount the device up high it makes more sense to mount the logger low, around eye level, and run a probe with extensions up to the location you're monitoring. That way, if you need to service the device itself, it is easily within reach.

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