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DicksonOne | Automatically Updating the Firmware via OTA Updates

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Automatically Updating the Firmware via OTA Updates

Setting your device to update automatically Over the Air (OTA) is the best way to ensure your device is up to date and has the latest features. OTA updates only works with Generation 2 DicksonOne devices.

You have the option to set all devices to update automatically at the account level (what we'll cover here), on a device by device basis, manually, or a combination of all three.
To configure your entire account for automatic updates:
     Head to Manage > Account
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Select Update my devices automatically

Hit Save.

You've now set all devices (capable of OTA firmware updates) to update automatically, unless you've configured a device to override the account setting

NOTE: The device checks for new firmware about every 8 hours, but you can force this by restarting the device. An update typically takes about 2 hours to download and then less than a minute or so to update. Logging continues during the update process and no data is lost during this process.