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DicksonOne | Archiving a Logger

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Archiving a Logger

Currently, the best way to archive a logger you're no longer using, but wish to save the data, is to create a location Called Archived Loggers (or similar) and place any loggers that you'd like to keep under there. If you do not wish to save the data, see Deleting a Logger.

If you aren't already on the locations page, click select Locations from the Manage tab.
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Add a location called Archived Loggers or similar. If you need instructions on how to add a location, see the Adding a Location article.

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Archived Loggers Location/Group on the Devices page.

For any logger you want to add to the Archived Loggers group simply adjust their location to be under the Archived Loggers Location. For instructions on how to adjust the location of a logger, see the Understanding Logger Settings Page.

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