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DicksonOne | How to Apply an Alarm Template to Multiple Devices

1 go to manage alarmtemplates 801

Apply an Alarm Template to Multiple Devices

To apply an alarm template you've already created to multiple devices follow the steps below.

1. Go to Manage > Alarm Templates.

Editbutton 802

2. Hit the "Edit" button on the template you'd like to apply to devices. 
Templates add devices 803

3. In the "Apply Templates To" section, select the devices you'd like to apply this particular template to.

Templates warning message 804

4. Hit "Update Template". A warning message will appear alerting you to the following important considerations:
  • the notification delay is the result of the number of readings you have configured for a particular notification (or group of multiple notifications) as well as the sample rate of the device.
  • Because the sample rate may differ for various devices you may want to apply this template to, the timing of notifications will differ as well.
  • Updating the template may change the time delay at which notifications are sent
  • This is a reminder to double-check the alarm delay(s) you have input to ensure that is the delay you want.
Warning message 805

5. If everything looks good, click "Update Template" on the warning message. You should be taken back to the alarm templates page, where you will see a confirmation that the template has been successfully updated. You'll see a reminder to double check the device(s) to make sure there are no other alarms applied to the channels covered by this template.
Templates channels 806

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and remove any channels you do not want associated with this alarm template. Note: you do not have to change anything if you are happy with the settings.

Templates confirm applied 807

7. Hit the "Update Template" button once again and you're done. You can head to the device's alarm page to review the alarms you just applied to the logger.