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DicksonOne | Adding a Device to Your Account

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Adding a Device to Your Account

Claiming your Device's Registration Code

If you haven't already done so, disconnect the logger from the computer you used to configure the network settings; make sure it is connected via AC power or it will not get a registration code!

1. Connect the AC adapter to a power source. As a battery saving feature, the logger will not transmit data wirelessly if disconnected from AC power. 

2. Wait for the display to turn on. After a couple minutes the logger should display a 6 digit code on the screen.

NOTE: If it does not dispay a code after 5-10 minutes, make sure the logger has the correct settings by re-attaching it to a computer and using the widget to view, edit, an save the settings.
3. In your browser go to login to your account at

4. Click the Register Device button in the upper right. 
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5. On the "Register Devices" screen:
  • Give the logger a descriptive name in the first box on the left
  • In the second box, type the registration code obtained in step 2 from the display of the logger. Do not include any spaces, just the numeric characters as displayed.
  • From the "Location" drop-down menu, select the location where you want this logger to appear in your account.
    • If you have not yet added any locations, it will default to the parent location. 
    • At any time, you can add, edit, or remove locations from the Locations Page under the "Manage" tab. See Adding a Location for more info. 
  • Select the correct time zone the device will be logging in. This will default to the time zone of the location of the computer you are using to add these devices, but you can change that at any time
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6. Select "Register Device." The logger has now been added to the account. It may take 5-10 minutes for the first data points to populate into the system. Refresh the page to see if data has flowed into the system.

7. Click on Devices in the main menu bar to go back to your device list where you can add more loggers or view all the loggers in your system. If you have assigned loggers to locations, click on the location name to view those devices.

You can now view the logger's data, change the loggers settings, share the logger with other users, create custom alerts, and perform many other functions.

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