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DicksonOne | Adding a New User

Users access 1262

  • To add a new user to your DicksonOne Account, click 'Manage' on the Menu Tab and select the 'Users' option from the drop down menu.
  • Click the green "+ Add User" button in the top right corner of the screen

Users invite 1263

  • Enter the user's name, primary email address, and any additional contact info 
  • Set their system access permissions for each location. For more information regarding user permissions, please click here
  • Click "Submit"
    • The user will receive an email with an embedded link. Once they click on the link (which expires after a short period of time for security purposes), they will be able to create a password to log in to the account
    • They will then become a user of the account with those assigned permissions
    • Note that when users are added, a contact entry will also be created in the "Contact Book".
  • The Users page also includes links to ensure an invited user receives their information
    • The Resend Invite link will have the DicksonOne system resend that user a link if it has expired
    • If the user doesn't receive the email and it is not in their spam folder, then you can copy and paste the link to them with the Invitation Link