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Activating Your Account With Monthly Credit/Debit Card Billing

Intro to the Credit/Debit Card Subscription Option

If you have decided to utilize the monthly credit card subscription option as an alternative to the annual tiered subscription, in this article you may find all details regarding setup of the subscription and how it works, prorated payments, cancellation, when the card is charged, security, as well as the email correspondence you can expect to receive regarding your subscription. Whether the annual or monthly subscription is right for you will depend on a number of factors, including how many loggers you have. It is best to consult with your sales representative to assist you with that decision. 
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Getting Started With Credit Card Billing
1) Select the "Billing" option under the Manage tab.

2) In the "Activate a Subscription" box, you will see a description of the amount to be charged to your card monthly, calculated automatically based on the number of devices you have registered to your account.

3) Click the "Subscribe" button to launch the credit card info module.
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4) After inputting the necessary card credentials, select the box next to "Remember Me."
  • This will enable the card info to be securely stored for automatic processing of the payment each month.
  • For security and compliance purposes, your card info is not actually stored with Dickson. Instead we use a well-known vendor called Stripe used by thousands of companies such as Best Buy, Lyft, and Shopify. Stripe doesn't store raw card data either, instead utilizing technology to randomize the data.
    • For more info regarding Stripe and how it securely processes payments, you can click the "More Info" link in the credit card module as shown in the image above, or you can access it here:

5) Click the "Pay" button in the module. The button should update to green check mark confirming the changes were saved.
  • The module should automatically close, and you should see a blue banner at the top of the Billing page, confirming that card was successfully updated.
  • On the billing page, you will see a "Current Subscription" box that has been updated to reflect the payment information you just updated.

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When does my card get charged?
The first payment will be processed immediately after activating the subscription. Thereafter, with a valid credit or debit card on file, the payment will be processed every month on the date the payment was initially setup. So if you activated the subscription on January 3, the payment will be processed on the 3rd of every month.

What happens if I add or remove a logger to my account in the middle of a monthly billing cycle?
Once you initiate a monthly subscription, that amount will be charged every month based on the number of loggers registered to your account. However, if you add or remove a logger during a given month, that amount will adjust accordingly. The amount for any new device added will be prorated based on when it was added to your account and included in the pending charge for the next billing cycle. You will see a description of past and pending charges in the Subscription Payment History module on the Billing page, as shown:
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The same applies to loggers that you delete from your account: the prorated amount will be deducted from the pending charge of the next billing cycle.

How do I obtain a payment receipt?
Only an account owner/admin can manage billing and subscriptions. Every time a card payment is processed, a receipt will be emailed to the admin's email address on file. The following is an example of the receipt you will receive:
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In addition to email correspondence around payments, you can access your payment history at any time by viewing the "Subscription Payment History" from the billing page: