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Account Owners and Managers

The account owner and administrator is the person who setup the DicksonOne account. This is not to be confused with account managers, and the difference between the two is important.
Account Owners
By default, there is only one owner (or admin) per account. The account owner can manage the entire system, including:
  • Add a device to the account
  • Edit device settings
  • View a device and its data
  • Export data from a device
  • View the alarm log
  • Acknowledge and comment on alarms
  • View the event log
  • Add users
  • Edit users
  • Add locations
  • Edit locations
  • Create alarm templates
  • Edit alarm templates
  • Acknowledge and comment on alarms
  • View/download all device exports
  • Export the entire account
  • Manage Billing/Subscription
As of the writing of this article, you cannot transfer account ownership responsibilities to another individual on your own through DicksonOne. For that, you must contact us directly. You may also add multiple account owners by contacting us as well. 
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Managers can do anything that an Account Owner can do, with the exception of managing billing and subscriptions (which is the primary reason why we currently limit the account owners to one unless you contact us). 

There is no limit to the number of users in the system who can have Manager level permissions. However, we recommend that you keep that number limited to whatever is absolutely necessary, given that Managers have the potential to remove critical locations, devices, or users. You do not need to contact us for Manager permissions; this is controlled from the DicksonOne interface.