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DicksonOne Support Articles

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Getting Started With DicksonOne

  • Creating your account
  • How to connect an ethernet logger
  • How to connect a WiFi logger
  • Before you Purchase a DicksonOne System
  • Choosing WiFi vs. Ethernet
  • Notes on Configuring your Account
  • Activating your DicksonOne account with an Activation Code
  • Understanding the Events Log / Audit Trail
  • IT Technical Info
  • Account Owners vs Managers
  • Activating your Account with Monthly Credit/Debit Card Billing
  • Activate your DicksonOne Account

DicksonOne Touchscreen

  • Setting the firmware update option for individual devices
  • Automatically updating the firmware via OTA updates
  • Manually updating the firmware via USB
  • Manually Updating the Firmware via the Web
  • Using the Relay Pod / Wiring Diagram

Working with Locations

  • Before you create your locations and general account structure
  • Adding a Location
  • Organizing, reorganizing, and renaming locations
  • Deleting a location

Setting up Your Logger

  • Adding a device to your account
  • Understanding logger settings
  • Archiving a logger
  • Deleting a logger
  • How to de-register a logger from DicksonOne
  • Replacing a device
  • How to find the MAC address of your logger
  • How do I reset the Min/Max on the display of my logger?
  • Note on replacing a first generation device with a second generation device
  • Replaceable sensors and Calibrations

Alarms in DicksonOne

  • Configuring alarms
  • Send an alarm to an international phone number
  • Edit an existing alarm
  • Delete an alarm or remove a template from a device
  • Determining which type of alarm to set
  • About sample intervals & alarm delays
  • Can you explain the logic of alarm and alarm delay timing?
  • Not reporting alarms
  • Probe/replaceable sensor disconnect
  • How to create an alarm template
  • How to apply an alarm template to a device
  • How to create a template from an existing device's alarms
  • Apply an alarm template to multiple devices
  • Setting standard alarms
  • Using the escalation feature (multiple delays)
  • What to do if I have to many escalations for a given condition?

Viewing your Data

  • Add reference lines to graph area
  • Change or remove reference lines on a graph
  • Adjust the range of the graph area
  • Change the type of data displayed in the graph area
  • Key phrases and meanings from the graph area
  • Using the real-time funtionality
  • Understanding the graph area
  • Understanding the summary data
  • How to compare data from two devices

DicksonOne Reporting Suite

  • Creating a report
  • Editing recipients on a report
  • Report history
  • Different types of reports

Exporting Data from DicksonOne

  • Eport data from a single logger to excel
  • Print an image of the graph
  • Export an image of the graph
  • Export data from all devices
  • Downloading data from a device manually

Users & Permissions

  • Add a new user
  • Edit user permissions and contact info
  • Delete a user
  • Change a user's permissions
  • Permission level details - Account Admin, Manager, Read Only
  • Change the account owner for your organization

DicksonOne Mobile Apps

  • Is there a DicksonOne mobile app?
  • Mobile app features & limitations


  • What type of customers are using DicksonOne?
  • When are you going to release a new version of DicksonOne?
  • What is SaaS
  • What happens when my account is about to expire?
  • Is DIcksonOne 21CFR Part 11 Compliant?
  • Can I have administrator users with edit abilities as well as regular users with view-only abilities?
  • Is there a limit to how many loggers I can add to my account?
  • What operating systems are compatible with DicksonOne
  • What uptime can we expect?
  • How do I replace the replaceable sensor on my logger?
  • What types of alarms is DicksonOne capable of?
    How is data stored?
  • Can I backup data automatically to my own servers?
  • How to turn HTTPs off and on
  • How do I know my account/data is secure?
  • Can my logger(s) run on batteries alone?
  • How do I know if my device has lost power?
  • What happens if my device loses its internet connection?
  • What type of radios does the WiFi logger support?
  • What type of wireless encryption do the WiFi loggers support?
  • How will the loggers affect my network's bandwidth?
  • Do the loggers send encrypted data?
  • What happens to a logger when there is a power failure?
  • What happens if I unplug my ethernet cable or my WiFi network goes down?
  • Why are there multiple lines of the same color on my graph?
  • What happens to my data when my account expires?
  • Help! I'm not receiving emails from DicksonOne / What to do if you're not getting emails from DicksonOne
  • What do the colors of LEDs on the logger mean?
  • How do I update the firmware on my logger?
  • Why am I getting repeated not reporting alarms?
  • Error Codes
  • DWE Error Codes
  • Alternatives to using the Java network configuration utility/widget