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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Sterilizers

Environmental Monitoring for Sterilization

Turn Up the Heat

Temperature Monitoring for Sterilization

Regardless of your preferred method of sterilization it's a required practice for a reason. It removes or decays all forms of microbial life including bacteria so a device is ready for use. Without it you put the lives of patients at risk. It's why there are policies in place for compliance. Failure to meet them could end in the receipt of a 483 or worse.

That's why you've got to do more than just turn up the heat. You need to be able to confirm that your processes are working as intended. It's why finding the right temperature monitoring system can be the difference between a failed audit and keeping patients safe.

Whether your device is keeping a heart beating or in the hands of a surgeon, your business matters. It's why the environmental monitoring system you choose is critical to your success. You're working to improve lives one point at a time and we're working to help. At Dickson, we understand the truth; when it comes to sterilization, every point matters. 

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