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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Clean Rooms

Environmental Monitoring for Clean Rooms

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Environmental Monitoring for Clean Rooms

In order to build a clean room you must insure it meets a number of outlined standards to guarantee quality and eliminate contamination. That mean you must control the entire environment and prove that your temperature and humidity readings fall within outlined requirements. Failure to do so can put customers at risk.

That's why you must be buttoned up when it comes to your clean rooms. Variable temperatures could cause bacteria growth or lost potency. Variable humidity could lead to degradation in materials or a build up of static charge. It's why finding the right environmental monitoring system can be the difference between project failure and long term success.

Whether you're working on a new vaccine for the common cold or a state of the art pacemaker, your business matters. It's why the environmental monitoring system you choose is critical to your success. You're working to improve lives one point at a time and we're working to help. At Dickson, we understand the truth; in a clean room environment, every point matters. 

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