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Hospital/Health Solutions

We've been monitoring every part of hospitals for a long time. From HVAC systems, to vaccine storage, we can help you find a correct temperature and temperature and humidity monitoring product, whatever your environment.

Drug Storage

You have thousands of dollars invested in your drugs. Protect them with Dickson's easy-to-use data loggers and chart recorders.

Vaccine Storage

Like your drugs, vaccines are a substantial investment. Ensure potency and prevent unnecessary loss by monitoring them with Dickson's line of vaccine monitors.

Blood Bank Monitoring

Blood is a precious resource. Protect your supply with the proper monitoring and storage equipment from Dickson.

Tissue Storage

Maintain your tissues properly and keep them viable using Dickson’s storage products.

Refrigerator Monitoring

Dickson instruments help you monitor all of your facility’s refrigerators and freezers in a cost effective manner.

Burn Centers

Use Dickson instruments to monitor environmental conditions that are critical to a burn victim's recovery.


Dickson’s high-temp products ensure your instruments are properly sterilized.

Patient Comfort

Use Dickson monitors to oversee ambient conditions in your facility and guarantee the comfort of patients, visitors, and staff.

Surgical Suites

Protect your doctors and patients by monitoring your most sensitive environments with Dickson products.


Ensure the accuracy of your tests and results by monitoring your facility with Dickson instruments.

Central Sterile Washers

Use Dickson products to monitor your washers' water temperatures and working conditions, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of your instruments.

Shipping Samples

Keep your samples viable during shipping with Dickson’s compact devices, which conserve space while providing the information you need.


Dickson's monitoring products will help you follow storage and sterilization guidelines for infection control practices, including killing infectious organisms.


Monitoring the HVAC system on a hospital campus is a complex task. Simplify it with Dickson’s devices.


Knowing the monitoring requirements of JCAHO is our job. Dickson provides solutions that meet your monitoring needs.


Maintaining laboratory critical storage requirements is simple with Dickson data loggers and chart recorders.


Dickson products ensure proper monitoring for the numerous areas of a hospital tracked by the FDA.